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Pallet Recycling

This leads us to the first part of Pallet Man recycling. Repairing broken pallets lets those skids get re-used. Disassembling broken skids that we can’t fix lets us reuse those wood pieces that remain strong and intact to construct other skids. This reduces waste and saves you money. Since you can efficiently re-use pallets, you rarely need to purchase new ones after your initial purchase. We help you reduce your carbon footprint with this recycling service. Recycling wood pallets also saves you money. You can find plastic pallets, but these items cost three times as much as wood pallets. They can’t be recycled either. Plastic pallets also do not provide a stiff foundation, plus we can’t easily repair them. Pallet Delivery After collection and recycling, we deliver the pallets to you in ideal condition. This lets you reuse pallets to deliver your next load of materials or goods to your…

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